Build it and they will come... Not as easy as Kevin Costner makes it seem, But it shouldn't be - We put everything in place to welcome students into the Thunder Beer family. We do this by understanding our audience and creating content specifically for those people. Everything we create has a goal and is designed for a certain audience to see. We don't sell liquid, We sell the lifestyle.



Thunder Beer.

University Brewing company is a Vancouver-based company launching a line of university-focused beers & seltzers. Accompanied by their university-centred approach they also instituted a scholarship fund for students across the country. $2 from every 6 pack goes towards this fund.


University Brewing Company



With universities being the traditional breeding grounds for adventure, excitement, and self discovery. Why not build an exciting fresh brand from the ground up right here.Not just any brand, one that galvanizes and characterizes the student body in a way that the most brands wish they could do. The objective is simple, or is it? Create an awesome brand that makes killer drinks... But in this day and age you have to be more than that. So UBC created a scholarship fund that helps students experience the wonders of their university without the thought of financial ruin leering over them. UBC Thunder beer is a brand that makes awesome drinks, and that cares about more than just itself. The objective is simple create a brand that stands for something more than just alcohol.