The execution strategy was all sitting there. Svein had done it all he just never documented any of it, that's where we came in. He continued to adventure and we just tagged along with camera in hand.


Tuft Camps

Svein Tuft is a former professional road cyclist. Svein has competed in events all over the world and placed first in major events such as Tour De France and Giro d'Italia. Since his racing days, Svein fell in love with gravelling and has found new meaning in this up and coming sport - as a result he founded Tuft Camps which focuses on training the new generation of riders in a discipline that is not yet widely accepted. 


Svein Tuft



The main objective for Svein was to find a way to leverage his world-wide recognition in a way that still represented him in a genuine light... Svein is a very well known cyclist who's reputation always precedes him. This authenticity was paramount in creating a framework that Svein himself could really grow and utilize. Being genuine on such a braggadocious platform sounds oxymoronic, But within that lies the challenge.