Through implementation of a stronger brand structure and overall more optimized creative direction we increased their paid social impressions by 80% while simultaneously cutting their unnecessary Ad-spend in half, this resulted in increased organic social growth of over 300%. After we crossed the T's and dotted the I's -  We moved onto building out a scalable and unique targeting framework that could be used to incentivize retailers across North America to carry Natura products, Herein lies the Retail Partner Program, which became the diamond in the rough and helped Natura secure some of the biggest retailers in Canada with a unique and innovative approach.

DTC Development

Natura Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products based out of South Surrey, BC. As of 2020, they have branched out from solely supplying government facilities with high grade disinfecting solutions. And recently took their line of products to market.


Natura Solutions



The overarching objective was to build out their visual brand identity through social and paid content creation. By  positioning their brand competitively in the market and creating multiple social campaigns that reinforced the core values of this environmentally conscious brand, we were able to curate campaigns that offered something tangible and fresh for their target audience. We also were tasked with finding a way to incentivize retailers into holding their products, so they could continue growing out their nation wide distribution project.