We have created multiple music videos with him. All pending release - we are looking to launch them for the beginning of December into the new year.


Pacfic Poke

Jayrtee is a Vancouver-based musician and social media influencer. His songs have reached over 35 countries, with an average of 10k monthly listeners. Jayrtee has 600 thousand followers on TikTok alone and over 35 thousand followers on Instagram. His videos have over 20 million likes across all platforms. 


Define Group



Josh is probably nothing like how you may know him. He's always known what he wants to pursue and what we are pursuing, but social media can be a beast and having people to help you navigate is never a bad thing. Especially  when you have a message that requires multiple people to tell it. To talk about an objective would be ludicrous, because it's a journey and a long one at that. Our "objective" is to help him navigate everything that comes and really help him come into his own as an artist, creative, friend, producer whatever it may be. Telling a message this powerful requires outlets and with a fan base eagerly waiting for the next project, every detail has to be just right.